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THEM: Adventures with Extremists

Bohemia GroveBohemian Grove extract

I spent the day sitting in my car and watching limousines pick elderly men up from lear jets at the nearby Santa Rosa airport. I followed them along Bohemian Highway to a lane that read "No Through Road". There, the limousines disappeared up the hill.

This was the lane that led to Bohemian Grove, the clearing in the forest where, it had long been said, the rulers of the world, President Bush, for instance, and Bilderbergers Kissinger and Rockefeller, dress in robes and hoods and burn effigies at the foot of a giant owl. I wanted to attempt the impossible. I wanted to somehow get in, mingle, and witness the owl burning myself. After all I had heard about the global elite these past five years - the claims and the counter-claims - I believed this to be the only tangible way I could finally learn the truth. What were they doing in there?

Bohemia GroveI had no clear idea how to accomplish this. My original plan had been to enter the forest alone, perhaps climb up some hills, and basically just scout around until I found it. Recognising that this was an ill-conceived strategy, I telephoned some of the anti-New World Order radicals I had met during my travels to ask their advice.

David Icke warned me against it. He said the reptilian bloodlines transform themselves back into giant lizards at Bohemian Grove. Furthermore, he said, Henry Kissinger, Jimmy Carter, Walter Cronkite and the male members of the British Royal family routinely sexually abuse their harem of kidnapped sex slaves - brainwashed through the MKULTRA trauma-based mind control program - at the Grove. I asked David how he knew this, and he explained that one of the sex slaves, a woman called Cathy O'Brien, escaped and wrote a chilling memoir about her experiences called the TranceFormation of America. "If you read Cathy O'Brien's book," said David, "you'd know not to go anywhere near the place. People disappear in those forests."

Bohemia GroveI called Alex Jones, the radio and TV talk show host I had met while visiting Texas with Randy Weaver. He instantly invited himself along.
"That place is sick," he yelled. "You've got presidents and governors and prime ministers and corporate chieftains running around naked. They have orgies. They worship their devil owl. I'll smuggle a camera in and get right up in their faces."
"I think stealth might be a better approach if we want to witness the owl burning ceremony," I said.
"Youíre right," said Alex, thinking aloud. "Let's liken it to Indiana Jones. Getting in their faces will be like going for the little emeralds along the way to the big ruby in the head of the idol, which would be to actually witness the owl burning itself."
"Exactly," I said.
I was glad Alex was joining me. He struck me as someone who would behave fearlessly in the face of danger. He also had five million listeners. He was a high profile person. He had personally organised the re-building of David Koreshís Branch Davidian church at Mount Carmel in Waco. He had a can-do attitude. I could not imagine that, with Alex around, they would dare to do anything should we be caught.

Video clips from Bohemian Grove
Hooded priests with torches real video get real player
The priest praises the owl-god
Screams during simulated sacrifice

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