The Psychopath Test

The Psychopath Test



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Jon Ronson On...Each week in a series of interviews, short location reports, scripted monologues, phone calls etc, Jon Ronson delves into a world of personal stories surrounding the central theme which all shed light on the human condition. Sometimes Jon goes in search of answers and stories himself, sometimes his team of contributors do it for him. The end result is an original, fascinating, funny, poignant and often philosophical journey through the human experience.
The programme also sounds like nothing else before. It is populated by an eclectic mix of music tracks used creatively to enhance the speech and give a particularly late night feel to it - a kind of living nightmare in the chill out room feel.
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Series 1
Jon Ronson On Amateur Sleuths
Jon Ronson On How to Be Invisible
Jon Ronson On Positive Thinking
Jon Ronson On Going West

Jon Ronson On Magical Moments

Series 2

Jon Ronson On Living in the past
Jon Ronson On Irrational thought
Jon Ronson On Lying
Jon Ronson On Friendship

Jon Ronson On Building Bridges

Series 3

Jon Ronson On The Worst internet date
Jon Ronson On Waking from a Dream
Jon Ronson On Uncontrolable responses
Jon Ronson on Crushed egos
Jon Ronson on Glastonbury Festival part 1
Jon Ronson on Glastonbury Festival part 2

Series 4

Jon Ronson On Being fancy
Jon Ronson on The wrong kind of madness

Jon Ronson on Doing anything for love

Series 5

Jon Ronson on The Fear of Flying
Jon Ronson on When Small talk goes wrong
Jon Ronson on Living in a movie
Jon Ronson on Being alone
Jon Ronson on Ambition

Series 6

Jon Ronson on Voices in your head
Jon Ronson on Spying
Jon Ronson on The fine line between good and bad
Jon Ronson on Witch hunts
Jon Ronson on Aiming low

Series 7

Jon Ronson on Confirmation Bias
Jon Ronson on Brainstorming
Jon Ronson on Being Normal
Jon Ronson on Undeserved Rewards
Jon Ronson on Pride


Robbie Williams and Jon Ronson Journey to the Other Side


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